Playing at the "Feel Good Day" In Texas....

It's been a very busy week getting ready for "Feel Good Day" In San Antonio Texas. We have been practicing lots and im getting so excited to go! Ive never been to Texas before. Is there any places in San Antonio you would recommend I check out?. For the "Feel Good Event" I was also asked to write and record an event theme song! I created a really fun upbeat song that im looking forward to performing. I will post a MP3 version on this site after the event for you all to listen to! The rest of this week im going to be working on writing and recording new music. Last week I made a goal to write 6 songs... I might have pushed it a little bit since I didn't quite reach that number haha but I did write 4 songs that I'm really loving! I will also show you what I have been working on very soon. There is going to be a new single coming out VERY shortly. Im excited for you all to hear it! A music video will also be coming out around the same time! Lots of fun and exiting things in the works! I can't wait to let you all in on it! Talk soon,

Jaclyn xo

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