Hi Team Kenyon ,

Just wanted to let you know Texas was amazing ! I had so much fun , I didn't get a chance to check out much of San Antonio because I had to do a lot of work but I did get to go to the RiverWalk! It was so beautiful! I will have to go back when I can to check out all the other amazing tourist spots when I have more free time. I got to meet so many amazing people at the "Feel Good Day". I started off the day with the theme song I wrote for the event and then went and got my hair and makeup done and got on stage later that evening to speak to all the women and show them my songs to bring hope , positivity and inspiration through music. It was such a special day. I have some exciting news coming , I will be releasing my new single "Mama Said" in the next few weeks and I want YOU to be able to hear it first. If you aren't signed up for my news letter I would love for you to on my home page so you will be the first to hear my new single. I am excited to share this song with you all , its one of my favourites off the record :) ! Talk soon ,

I love you guys xo.


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